Facility & Technology

Specialty Metal Products' production facilities and offices are located in West Middlesex, PA, a small town in Western Pennsylvania. Located between New York and Chicago—and centrally located between Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH—we can assure competitive delivery to our customer base nationwide.

The strong growth we've experienced over the last 10 years has enabled us to reinvest profits into expansion. This investment has allowed us to uncap our production capacity, expand our facilities, allocate new equipment, and increase our ability to manage our business on all levels. Some of our recent advances include a new wide-format chemical etch line, which more than triples our capacity and throughput.  Our new laser provides more product capability, precision manufacturing, and improved cutting methods.

We pride ourselves on environmental performance by effectively managing our utilities, seeking practical reduction in both water and energy use, and making continuous improvements to equipment and processes. We are proud of our efforts to minimize waste streams by recycling 100% of our chemicals used in the etching process. Specialty Metal Products is committed to setting operational and environmental objectives, and monitoring our performance to meet or exceed those objectives.