Chemical Etch

This process uses acid to dissolve areas of a metal surface, after applying a special resist to create a stenciled copy of the design. The recessed areas that result,can be filled with paint to achieve a unique look, or left unfilled, which can save both time and money. Both options are excellent for the OEM market, and provide tremendous durability in outdoor applications. We offer a deeper etch than our competitors, and can handle metal in heavier gauges than most of the industry.  Chemical etching is available in stainless steel, brass, aluminum, monel, bronze, and zinc.

Click for video to learn more about our chemical etching process

Screen Printing

This process uses a mesh-based stencil to apply ink to a surface, offering a high-resolution quality print. Screen printing is one of the most versatile printing processes, and can be used on a number of substrates. Specialty MetalProducts can screen print onto metallic and nonmetallic substrates, or in combination with chemical etching on metallic substrates.



We proudly manufacture our customer's products in-house from start to finish. Our fabrication capabilities include chemical etching and milling, laser cutting and marking, CNC machine technology, shearing, coating, commercial and industrial grain finishing, welding, forming and bending. We have the experience and equipment to accommodate your full request and ensure fast delivery of the highest quality products in the industry.

Laser Cutting & Marking

The new laser addition increases our ability to handle the ever-changing face of manufacturing in the industry. By way of precision cutting technology, we can process a variety of substrates, sizes, and thicknesses, including stainless steel up to 0.125”. This technique is ideal for providing our customers with high quality precision parts while keeping tooling costs down, producing custom products, and tailoring unmatched services and solutions. We can cut and mark metallic substrates of stainless steel and aluminum, along with the non-metallic of acrylic and polycarbonate, to include other non-metal options.

Design & Engineering

Allow us to assist you in the design and development of your product. We can create original artwork or reproduce art from an existing part or a hard-copy drawing (see our drawing specifications). Of course, we are also happy to work with any existing electronic art files that comply with our submission guidelines.

Beyond executing the proper artwork for your job, let our team recommend the most suitable process and substrates for your needs to achieve maximum cost-efficiency, durability, quality, and fit for particular application.